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The Eta Alpha (HA) Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated was founded on October 26, 2008 & chartered on November 13th, 2008.

I.S. Justus League: October 26, 2008
1. Jeffrey King I.K.A. Owtkast
2. Marcus Green I.K.A. Blade
3. Stephfon Green I.K.A. Iron Man
4. Deitrich Davidheiser I.K.A. Jagged Edge
5. Bertrand Francis Jr. I.K.A. Phantom
6. Ollie Ogbu I.K.A. Earthquake
7. Josh Gaines I.K.A. Apocolypse
8. Elijah Robinson I.K.A. Silent Rage
9.Tyrell Sales I.K.A. Hercules
10. Brent Carter I.K.A. Achilles
11. Johnnie Troutman I.K.A. Beast
12. Devon Still I.K.A. Juggernaut
13. Eric Latimore I.K.A. Steel
14. Jamelle Cornley I.K.A. Golden Child

I.S. Lonestar: July 7, 2009
2. Nerraw McCormick I.K.A. Sowl Survivor

I.S. Controversy: October 25,2009
1. Johnnie Geathers I.K.A. Mastermind
2. Quandell Dobbs I.K.A. Night Rider
3. James Gilbert I.K.A. Misunderstood
4. Malcolm Egun I.K.A. Jigsaw
5. Harold Johnson I.K.A. Riddler

I.S. Against All Odds: March 17, 2012
2. Evan Hailes I.K.A. Two A Days
4. Quincy Trim I.K.A. Undeterred

I.S. Day of Wreckoning: March 16, 2013
1. Abbey Ajibola I.K.A. Armageddon
2. Noel Goodwin I.K.A. Eye of the Storm
3. Jefferson Cauvin I.K.A. Aftermath


I.S. God of War: April 19, 2014
1. Will "KratOWs" Yugga

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